Ballsy Half Pound Bar

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  • Women Owned Business

THE BAR HAS BEEN RAISED At Ballsy, we like to do things bigger, bolder & better than the rest, which is why we created the half-pound Ballsy Bar. Packed with activated charcoal & plant extracts this bar provides an intense lather while washing away sweat, dirt, and bad choices.

🖤 Activated Charcoal -- Deep cleans while helping remove bacteria, toxins and dirt.

🥥 Coconut Oil -- Helps reduce irritation, itch and protects skin.

🌿 Aloe Vera, Cucumber Peel Extract, Lavender & Cedarwood Oil--Natural vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to keep you're skin feeling its best.

👃Smell Incrediball --Clean invigorating scent without being overpowering. 👍 8oz Bar

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