Dirty Habit Signature Spiced Old Fashioned Mix

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About this product

Dirty Habit infused old fashioned mix is sure to spice up your drink. This Spiced Old Fashioned is a new twist on an old favorite. Add up to 20 ounces of your favorite spirits, refrigerate and let the infusion process make a new old fashioned! Shake or stir, strain for a smooth experience. Drink over ice (big cubes make it fancy) or straight up. For a less sweet DH Signature Old Fashioned, remove the 1 sugar cubes and save for the second round of infusion. Makes 8-10 drinks and can be used twice. This drink is a sure hit at holiday parties. Make it a scary Old Fashioned for Halloween or spice it up with cranberry garnish for Christmas. It is sure to make a great gift this season if you are looking for stocking stuffers! Each and every Dirty Habit jar is hand packed and comes approximately 3/4 full with small batch dried fruit and herbs. Settling does occur in shipping. We leave room for plenty of spirits and we promise an intense flavor if infused overnight or longer!