Dirty Habit The Dirty Bumblebee

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  • Women Owned Business
Our twist on a tasty honey & rose margarita that is sure to make you feel like you are on an island, wind blowing and waves crashing! This delicious little jar is filled with honey infused organic cane sugar, rose petals & citrus! What makes it so special is the pure infused honey bee powder.  Add tequila to the jar and let it chill overnight! Shake, shake, shake, shimmy, twirl... Add 2 oz of the dirty bumblebee mix into a shaker (strain of course), add 3 oz margarita mix, "shake what yo mama gave ya" and then salt the rim of a pretty glass, pour and garnish!  We like to make our own marg mix: 5 oz simple syrup, 3 oz lime juice, splash of lemon juice and 2 tbsp. honey. Shake and store for a few solid cocktails!  Each and every Dirty Habit jar is hand packed and comes approximately 3/4 full with small batch dried fruit and herbs. Settling does occur in shipping. We leave room for plenty of spirits and we promise an intense flavor if infused overnight or longer!

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